The reality of the world they live in.

The reality of the world they live in.

We saw this sign this morning outside the coffee shop just outside our hotel. It is not a joke, it is a legit warning. I can’t fully wrap my head around the idea of having to be concerned about random everyday items being boobytrapped with hand grenades. But that is what a lot of the people that live in areas that were occupied when Russia attacked 2 years ago have to be concerned about. A few people have told about things that happened to them or people that they know that I don’t think I would consider sharing in a blog post. I don’t want to see them typed out in black and white. But nevertheless, the kids still play and smile, laugh and dance. They sing and run, play hide and seek, but you know, you know that some if not a lot have seen and been through things that most of us in America could not imagine.

Sorry to be so somber.

Today was another hard day of work. The roof is almost finished, the electrical is almost finished, the walls for the bathroom, storage closet and entrance are almost finished. Some of us will go to an orphanage for teenagers tomorrow and some of us may have an opportunity to go to an orphanage for kids with special needs on Thursday. Today a couple of us were able to break away from the work to minister to different people in the community. Having translators is Is very helpful.

For now I am tired and sore and in desperate need of a shower.

Good night and God Bless

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  1. The world is filled with so many atrocities and sadness. In we ever needed God’s words , it is now. I keep all of you in my prayers.

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