Arrival in Nizhyn

Arrival in Nizhyn

It’s just after midnight so technically Sunday 4/7/24 in Nizhyn. We arrived at the church just before 10pm. The young ladies from the church had prepared entirely too much food for us but it was soooooo good. Fried chicken breast, mashed potatoes, two types of bread, salad and cheese trays. It was truly amazing.
They asked why we would put our lives on pause and using our own resources, come all the way to Ukraine to help them. We all answered “Jesus “. Jesus is the reason why any of us would travel 52 hours by plane, train and van, all very crowded, to come to an active war zone and replace the roof and add plumbing and electrical to a building so that they can have a better building to hold worship and teaching services. “Not I but Christ in me”

Most of us have slept very little in the past 2.5 days and most of that sleep was sitting up in a moving vehicle. A full nights sleep in a bed is much needed rest before we start work after church tomorrow.

Please continue to pray for the team for wisdom, knowledge, strength and safety. Pray for opportunities and boldness to speak Jesus to as many people as possible. Also please pray for our wives and families at home holding down the forts. The enemy will attack then just as much, if not more than us while we are on this trip.

Thank you and God bless.

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