Arrival in Ternopil 4/6/2024

Arrival in Ternopil 4/6/2024

Saturday 4/6/24. After 35 hours of planes and trains, we finally arrived at Calvary Chapel Ternopil at just before 5 am. As we were settling into our rooms, the church has some bedrooms on the second floor, the air raid sirens started. Some of us who had been here before just took as Ukraine welcoming us back. As I finished unpacking and reconfiguring my bags for the finale 7-9 leg of the trip, starting at 10 am, the sirens stopped and everything was quiet for some much needed, all be it brief rest. At 10 am the 8 of us along with 4 from CC Ternopil will poke into 2 vans and head out to Nizhyn.

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