Trip to Ukraine 4/4/24

Trip to Ukraine 4/4/24

It’s about 10:10 EST and we are somewhere over the North Atlantic Ocean and sleep is eluding me. The map shows us being directly south of Prince Christian Sound. 

After 2 movies restlessness is starting to set in. I think the very unhappy baby several rows back would agree

We were delayed leaving Dulles by 1.5 hours due to mechanical issues. We are approximately half way through the flight to Munich and so far it’s been pretty choppy. Our ETA is 8:30ish Munich time, and 4:30ish EST. Alex E. and Jeremy were seated together but the rest of us are scattered throughout economy class so conversation has been minimal.  I was blessed by Melissa knowing how to switch my seat from a middle seat to an aisle seat so I’m a little more comfortable. I don’t think the delay will interfere with our connection flight to Krakow.

Other than that, the trip has been uneventful. After we land in Krakow, we have a series of 3 trains to get to Ternopil Ukraine and the a very long drive.  We expect to arrive in Nizhyn sometime Saturday evening.

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